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    6:00 PM Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    just finished 2 sets of common tests.

    english and social studies.

    now left with geography, physics, chem, accounts. thats it.

    three months.

    lets do it! -shuckssssssssssss.

    i H8 sch :0(

    1:14 PM Saturday, July 28, 2007

    first, happy birthday miss cheong.
    hope you'll have a wonderful day today.
    she talked to me personally in class yesterday! i thought she was sweet. real sweet. haha :]
    and i told her about my dad and mom. and shes like, 'you gotta find a bf like your dad.' i was like, haha, psychic you just read my mind. =D

    ok welllll, common tests are coming.
    i should be studying.
    and practicing for my piano thing.
    the concert hall is like 1700 people in strength! so i want want to get in!! urhhh. =D lets see hopefully.

    and whoses turning 17 soon? =D


    8:27 PM Thursday, July 26, 2007

    :[ :[

    common test in a week! :(

    arrrrrr. study time!

    i have so much to say, but i can't. its not a private blog and i won't want to rant about personal things. hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ;[

    5:05 PM Saturday, July 21, 2007

    so, we are going for dinner for my brother's birthday.

    alright then, i've read the article on ChildAid's Concert 2007.
    How I wish if I could help, as I haven't been really participating in events like this, and this might be the chance I could perform on stage as well as to help the less fortunate.
    hopefully i can make this happen. i am going for auditions. :] soooo, lets hope i get the part.

    thanks & i guess i've to redo one of my english assignments as i've lost the paper! ARGH. How brilliant is that. :(

    i hope everyone is doing well.



    9:12 PM Friday, July 20, 2007

    hiiee yo.

    right, its super irritating.
    so much homework, including three essays and some poa homeworkk. :[
    not much time left for the big 'o's.
    for chinese, i am done with it! i hope the results will be fine though. :]

    harry potter book released tommorrow! ohwell, i can only get mine on monday though!
    i can't wait to read it ! =D

    okk, my eyes are shutting. i aint feeling that well today! so i am going to sleep noww.

    my brother's Big Twenty Birthday next wednesday. however he'll be in camp, sooo, we're going to celebrate for him tomorrow. i am not sure where but, there's kind of a mystery person would be going.........haaaaaa. we ain't telling him who yet. ITS A SURPRISE. LOL. =D

    okkk, withh loads of lovee

    sign off

    5:43 PM Tuesday, July 17, 2007


    i have so much to do , yet so little time.
    i have pre-ordered harry potter's book, so i can't wait till it arrives.
    ookayy, just being practically busy everyday in school.
    the big 'o's *faints*

    ohweell, gotta runnnnnnn.
    keep in touch diary.

    i've read this really touching book in school, and i gotta share with you the next time. (:

    8:21 PM Saturday, July 14, 2007


    well, i got to watch the new harry potter movie today.
    gracey came along too! :)

    umm,the plot was alright, kind of disappointed because many scenes were cut off! :( and the ending was so abrupted. i didn't expected it to end like that X[

    more darkness could be included. not really scary! i was hoping for more fighting and stuff! haha, but love the kiss between harry and cho. its like one of the sweetest kiss i ever seen in my life! haaaaaaa! it was so cute. and i won't include spoilers anyways, catch it! its a good movie!

    the queue to get our tickets were so long!
    we were like a few minutes late when the show started! urgh! :( but anyways, i still love the movie though!

    i want to get the new bk coming july 21st. i can't wait to read it!! =D

    alright, lovee!

    gotta go.
    best wishes.


    10:47 PM Friday, July 13, 2007

    hi ya'lllll.


    anyways, nothing went wrong today. but i was so emo once i got home. coz i was watching this show called the 'quill'. it was just too touching. i just loved animals show. but how amazed is that, they're so well trained! i am so impressed!

    class photos today :]

    and we had accounting lessons and we learnt new things. well, its like total brain wrecking though. got home and was so tired.

    *pooffff* harrehhh pottaaa anddd daa orderxxx offf pheonnixxx tommorrrrrrrrrrowwww!

    8:58 PM Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    hi folks.

    just an entry before bed.

    oh well, today school was fun. :] our geography teacher, mr lau, picked up some tunes which are pretty hilarious i must say. but he can sing well! but LOL!! i love how he sings and how he did his moonwalks. really entertaining. you can never imagine a teacher could be so natural to himself, like he was definitely himself and down-to-earth! teachers like this are like one in a million & hard to come by. which is true for sure <3 you need to be very lucky to meet teachers like him. whoah. X]

    it rained today & very cooling. we had chapel. love the worship songs today! :]

    and what elses, oooooo, nothing much.
    common tests are end of this month! so i gotta get prepared!

    chinese listening on monday! i hope i can dig my ears clean. haaaaaaaaa. then we shall see how it goes now!

    god bless & good night!


    9:20 PM Sunday, July 08, 2007

    well today i had writer's block. i hate it when it happens. as i 've to complete two essays! and when writer's block comes out from no where, i get no inspiration to continue my writing. anyways, my both pieces of work were rubbish. and i had no intentions to redo it. hahahaha! :]

    urrgg. just got reminded exams are nearing so fast. our first official paper will be on 25th oct? or 24th. anyways, its super fast eh X[ seem that it was earliest this time round, as for the previous years, it had always been during the first week of november. boo.

    oh well, my eyes are shutting. i better get to sleep or i won't be able to wake up for school tommorrow! monday blues i guess. ohwellssssssssssss.

    harry potter next sat. i totally can't wait as it is an amazing plot!

    taggie coming soon. hahaa, when i am not that lazy to put it up, ms agnes.

    how i wish i can travel europe. talking about venice (out of topic) , agnes, shall we go visit it sometime, or have you already visited it? =D email me.

    rights, love ya all.

    god bless
    study hard. :]


    i am so glad i am picking up the motivation spirit. whootwhoot :]
    lufffff much. peace out.

    8:46 PM Friday, July 06, 2007

    horrible. thats a describing word how oral went today.
    i am totally disappointed.
    all i did was stammered like eh eh eh. -.0
    i am totally dead. shizzz :[
    anyways, shhhh. whateverr. lets see how the future paper goes.

    congrats to all who did well. at least we did the best we could. lets pray the results will turn out fine.

    and what elses, i am so freaking hot. the temperature is nuts in singapore. its really summer and humid. i hate it.
    anyways i shouldn't be complaining as my air con is turned on full-blast and i had icecream. hahaaaaaaaaaa. doesn't matter anyways.

    so sigh. nothing much to say! well, exams are nearing us so soon! :( X[

    i hope we can get everything done smoothly.

    everyone, press on!

    your girl

    7:05 PM Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    X] oh my. my favourite movie for all times, harry potter is coming to our cinemas on july 12th. i totally can't wait. you know i've been waiting since sec 3 ! and now, it is coming. so i am pretty excited! i saw the trailers and everythingggg. mygawdd, i lufff it man. :]

    i 've booked the tickets to cathay. :] we're watching with dearest gracey and momma. whahaa. :] how exciting.

    school is such a bore. booh man. :'[

    ok i should get my butt of here.
    so, you folks take care. ^_^