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    8:07 PM Friday, February 29, 2008

    howdyyy hola!!!! =D

    wassupp dawgs???

    yesterday ...........

    pretty much did faceBOOK the whole morning, omg. its my first 'official' day there that i actually touched it, and it was freaking addicted man! hahahha, you guys'll get bombed with giftssssss yeaapp!! hahha. love sending people itemsssssss, so fun and so cute. =D i have to take some screen shots for all eg. like my animal hippo named bobo, and my pet tofu named nikko. and you know we had an option of creating babies. i went to adopt a male baby. after that, i dressed 'him' up as a barbie. like OMG. after when i am done, i realised it was a male baby. *maddnesssssssss* ahahhaa *freaking funny larh* haha, but i've no intention of changing it back though!!! FUNNNNNNNNNNEH XD

    at night, yesssss, we went to bishan j8, coz my dad wants to trim his hair and whatever not. soooooo , me and my mom went to esprit to get clothes for school in april. omg. =D *beamssssssssssss* . so excited and very happy. tried on many many clothes, and of course, bought the suitable ones lah. bought 2 pants / 2 skirts / 1 top and 1 bag in total =D and the SCHOOL BAGGGGGGGGGGG i bought is denim and is freaking hawt. *i was hunting for bags for days* and when i put that bag on, on the spot, i said I WANT THAT. freakin amazin. i love it -yummssssssss. *pics are below* >> 1 pair of pants in alteration!!! XD

    okayyy enough. hope i can post the picssss of the things i bought. they're really pretty! and i can't thanked mom and dad enough for that!!! i am so lucky i know! and i appreciate that! *loves*

    pictures : -----


    today morning,
    i had piano!! played mozart. almost fluent, need a little bit more practices and dynamics!!!!! woohhoo, i am really excited to finish the whole piece of 6 pages!!! like woohhoooooooooooh. =D my goal is to complete the whole piece by april , before school starts.

    then after that facebook again. wheeeeeeeedo X]


    for lunch :

    we went to plaza sing to have pizzahut. yay. X] and after that the main purpose is to replace my bro's simcard, he lost his phone man. crazy-nessssssssss.
    on the way, we went to raffles city to get our free olympus camera from amercian express!! 7.8 pixels >> FREAKING COOL! can't wait to use it!!! **
    after which, we went to purvis street to buy the kaya bread and drink coffeeeeeee. LOL. *killneyy (spelling) kopi tiam* .
    drove to petrol station, pumppp the petrol durrrrrrrr. hahaha.

    woooooohoooh. my story for like 2 days?!?! =D

    love all byeeeeeeeeee;

    add me on facebook please!!! you've to add me 2 see the whole profile ok??? coz its private! thankssssssss!!


    9:16 PM Monday, February 25, 2008

    heyya peeopleee.
    wasss upppppppppppp.
    hahhaa, i am so bored man!!! i am just waiting for school to start.
    i better start early studying, which (i 've no idea where to start) .
    someone helpppppppppp. o gosh.

    i am so bored.
    just sunday, we sent iza, agnes, and robbie back home!!! ;[
    hope you guys come again soon alright???
    i bet its freezzingg there, so be jealous of *singapore's* weatherrr yeaaaaaaaaaah. HAHAHHA. =D

    send me PICS PICS PICS!!!!!!!!! thankyouuuuuuuu.

    lets read up on busineess management nowwww. wheeeeeeeeeeee X]


    signing offfffffff

    8:28 PM Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    school posting results 're out!
    and i got into nanyang p - business informatics
    i'll be doing IT stuff as well as Business Modules as well!!! so i am pretty excited!
    thats my 3rd choice! so yeah, i am definitely fine with it!

    mom suggests if i would want to appeal for my first choice, 'accountings'.
    but i am still aint sure if i want to appeal coz i am just a few points away!
    maybe but i don't know!

    agnes & family 're going back to amsterdam this weekend! we're gotta see them off at the airport! its that time of the year again, we gotta to say 'goodbye'.
    sad but still, a good farewell! glad to have you guys back this trip! :)

    lastly, i can't wait to go to school, o gosh, after months of waiting!!

    its great and i hardly can wait now!



    all the best in your futures , my friends.

    with love

    9:18 PM Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    today was the handing over of keys to our new home.
    very excitedddddddd.
    woke up early in the morning, to have breakfast, then went to collect the keys to our new unit!
    and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    hahhaa, i don't know if i am impressed lah.
    but i can tell you they made use of the land well.
    love the view from the rooms.
    the pool is great, and
    i am so envioussssssss now of those living in the penhouses, because i bet those units're amazing.
    anyhow, we're still undecisive of moving still....
    castle green hmmmmmmmm.
    we shall see yeps!

    i want to go to bed now!!!!!!!

    so tired man!
    2ml i am baby-sitting iza!!!!!!!!! woohhh, princess leh.
    hahahha i'll try my bestest!!!!!

    xoxx raeeeeee

    11:23 AM Monday, February 11, 2008

    it was so fun yesterday!
    i had my mommy's side relatives and friends coming over to my house!!!!

    So many people man! heavy traffic!!!!!!!

    I was so happy laaaaaaaa, I saw all my cousins.
    Baby Jovan and Baby Samuel were so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Cute like buttons!!
    We celebrated their mommys' birthday and Jovan Birthday too!!
    Whoaahh, really good and happyyyyyyy man!!!!
    The whole gang came!! And of course, inside secret , Shawn and Chinara Lee lahh. Wahpianngg !!!! XDXD -grins- hahahhaha.
    Ehh, Shawn look like korea boy mehhh! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. But i 've to say he got pretty high ratings from our princess man. :]:]
    Okok enoughh, or I'll be giving it away too much!!! TSK!!
    Check out Chinara's blog and see if u can figure it out!!!!! HARXHARX!!

    I hope I was a good host to all!!! hahaha, hope you guys could come really soon again!!! Love your company very much!!!!!!!!!!
    My family and I thanked all of you for coming
    I've pictures and videosssssss! That'll come soon kays after this post!!!

    youtube won't work now!

    here is the download link!!


    Streaming of video is also available via the site!!! Just so u know:)

    Working on that now!!

    And also, thanks April and Linus for the nicey earrings.
    HuiQi and HuiXian for the really cuteee photoframe!
    Thank u all for ang-baos!!!!
    and.........I saw a nice bouquet!!! Thanks Pris and family........


    The Tan Family of CASTLE GREEN 0507



    10:40 PM Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    its tommorrow guys! we'll be welcoming the rat year!
    have a blessed new year!! and get loads of angbaos yeah people!
    love always