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    10:42 PM Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    tommorrows labour day!!!!!!!
    finally one day break since school started april 13th 2008!
    loving school !!!!!!

    tired but worth it!

    the moral of the day everyday for my clique is to LAUGHHHHHHHH!

    and be high ON AIR!

    thats what we do!


    megaaaaaaaaaanuts but anyways ITS KEWL!


    SLEEEEEP! byeeeeeeee!!

    11:54 PM Friday, April 25, 2008

    forbidden kingdom is really good!

    everyone should catch it!

    it might sound weird for some, but it was my FIRST ever time catching a night movie (8.40pm) to be exact , with my friends! ahhaha! it was my bedtime! LOL! anyways the show was so exciting that i could not fall asleep! it was a east meets west kind of movie! love it!!

    thank you all for the fun day!!

    oh yes, i am so shy today, i got to play the piano at the cafe. imagine over 50-80 heads surrounding me hearing me play! o goshhh! i am not even prepared! hope u guys enjoyed the little impromptu! hahaha!

    i am back to being humble, i am not very good yet!!!! *coughs* heh. definitely not a masterclass but working to be one someday!!

    me and ruiting and joyce and everyone elses laugh like crazy today! and i had fun singing today too! with ruiting, my singing partner! hahah! =D


    back to my dreams now!

    god bless you!

    life can never be this good!




    8:39 PM Thursday, April 24, 2008

    the last few days of school're so crazy! kept laughingggggggg and doing stupid things non stop! haha
    but dam tired now la! yearning to sleeeeeeep!
    tommorrow going movies with my friends like woohoo after lessons at 6pm! hope i dun sleep in the theatres manz! ahhahah!
    peace outttttt!

    i m loving school wooooooho-ohhhhhhhhhh!

    6:31 PM Sunday, April 20, 2008

    It will be the 2nd week of school tommorrow, starting monday [tommorrowwwww!]!

    i am so flipped out, i 've got so many assignments to do! and tutorials and practicalsssss and lectures! omggggggg. and i end school like 6pm everyday when i crawl up at 8am daily! oh wow, life is great! haha! =/

    yesssss, but i enjoy going to school because i can see all the peopleeee i love as friends! they make me so happy. i love my poly classmates. they're really hawt. i loved them like sugacandies. so cooool. period.

    sweeeeet. peace outtttttt!!

    -racheeeeeeel outtttt!

    8:27 PM Monday, April 14, 2008

    wow my first day was pretty slacking imagine having 5HOURS BREAKS!!!!!!! oh wow! mega slackness! hahahha.

    but only will happen today only i bet!!!

    learnt about making websites , java, programming and marketing, accountings. heheh! ya, looking forward to learn moreeeeee! i cannot wait mann!


    8:15 PM Sunday, April 13, 2008

    school officially STARTS TOMMORROWWWWWWW!!!
    wish me all the luck! hahahh!

    and i need success and aces for my projects!!! so yeaaaaaa i m all for it!! keep going guyssssssss!!

    10:19 AM

    yesterday a bunch of people came to my home! wohoo! ahha, grace and all!
    daddy brought client friend mr. yasukie too! cooooooool! hahahz
    so my mom prepared food for the whole day!
    we had sushi, popia , curry and noodles.
    sound so little, but alot of hard work!
    so...........guess what, poor mum was so tired so, she almost fainted!!! and she went to sleeeeeeep at around 7 plus while everyone is eating! :(
    okayy! nevermind!
    a bonus point is baby dog clever cameeeeeeee!!! wow man, so cuteeeee and he bites!!! ahha, not really lah, teething still!! so hes forgiven!!
    nikko was on her best behaviour yesterday, didn't bite clever!! clever did not bite her as well, so its all good! friendssssssss! hahah!

    tommorrow school's starting for the first officially day!!! woohoo to all freshmen in NYP! all the best guys!!!!

    & yeahhhhh, i am already in love with my NYP class already if you can tell! and i 'll look forward to go to school every single day to see those people and their happy funny faces!!!

    goodbye and peace out!!!!!

    till then, byezzzzzzzz!


    7:35 PM Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Day 3!!!!

    Today, quite slack!! haha, last day liao!
    We had some games in AIRCON! and we did our cheeeeeeeer!!
    So cool man!!! Scream like no one business!!! hahha!!

    wow man, ruiting and i talked and laugh like crazy today man! hahah :P dam funny!!

    and we have a new classmate today!! woohoo, welcome dulcie!!
    can't wait for all of us to study together man! :P


    our cheer is as follows

    i say 05 number 2
    you believe you kuku
    i say 05 number 1
    you don't believe you sua ku
    i say 05 number 1
    you believe very good
    i say u say i say
    i say u say i say
    00000000000000055555555555 *screams*

    ahhahah,cool right??? so pro! all thanks to ruiting we got this cheer! hahahah!!
    very impressed how the class bonded in 3 days!!!
    so happyyyyyyy!!

    we got a finale performance by the School of IT!
    well put together i must say, for the freshmen!

    thanks for all the hardwork yeah!!!!! we enjoyed ourselves these 3 days!! hahahha!! XD

    okaysssss i love DBI0805, we rockkkkkkkk! woohooooooooo!:P

    okay so high now! LOL.

    pics and videos coming soon when they send to ussss okay?? i'll post it!! :D


    7:34 AM

    i was about to blog on day 2 when i fell asleep!!! ahhaha! so i couldn't wake up!

    today is day 3!! getting ready to go school in an hour's time!!

    yesterday we had lectures on orientation!!!! its so boring man!!!!! hahha! hope lectures 're interesting when school officially starts!! :D
    we had a fire drill tooo!!!!!! and i have just one complain about it. VERY HOT!!! in the hot blazing sun, and everyone was wearing black! :( pfffffft.
    we got fried in the sun! hahhahaha!!
    later on, we had games!
    and one of the sections're the 3 legged thing. So,we had to tie our legs together and walk!! i am in the centre so my leg practically hurts badly! but now its fine now! whooooooop :)
    We got home all smelly and tired.......at 6pm!

    okay i am OUT now!!! BYEZZZZZZ!!!

    7:44 PM Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    its my first day at NANYANG POLY today!
    Its orientation fun day! I must say I've mixed around and gained alot of new friends! whow, they're so friendly and so nice! hahaha, some of them're jus very hilarious!!! so its all good!! i m so looking forward to this 3 years , studying together!!!
    THIS IS THE BESTT THING EVERRRRRRRR!!! woohooooooooo!!! :D I am so happy and can't wait for the next 2 days of orientation, should be so fun!!! hahah! yay!!!! :)