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    10:49 PM Saturday, September 27, 2008

    okay it was my first 'public' performance today, lets say with a audience of perhaps 150 or more :/

    it was at the young musician society. i was one of the last to perform today! :X
    i've seen so many talented young people tonight! the overall concert was great. (:

    okay nerve wrecking is one thing.

    i played two pieces, 'love me tender' and 'bo go ship da'.

    let me give a comment on 'love me tender'. i kind of screwed up! lmao! and yeeeeeerrrr, yes, i was blanked out of the sudden, didn't really knew what to do. but at least i ended the whole song nicely. phew!

    my bo go ship da was great! wheeeeeee :]

    the bestest thing out of the whole thing, is that i had applauses! YAY! hahahahaha.

    okay thats so lame!

    anyways the teachers commented that i was a natural on stage. o gosh, how could i be a natural when i screwed up my piece!!! thats the most terrible thing to do!

    i played one million times and it just don't get into me! its just sad!
    i've learnt a lesson though, next time, choose a piece that you believe in. and when you get on the stage, you would know what to do, instead of worrying what chords to play next and etc.

    i am glad i 've gotten this chance to do what i love!
    hopefully the next round would be MUCH MUCH better!

    thanks for this great day!
    and thank you mom and dad and all of you guys for your SUPPORT!!!

    love and peace xoxx

    rachel -------------

    p.s yes i would get my videos up in the next couple of days on youtube! so be sure to check back!!! =D

    10:20 PM Friday, September 19, 2008

    urggg i am so moody these days! haha! been venting my anger on like everything!
    everything annoys me now! LOL!

    o dear i've a piano concert coming next saturday!

    i 've no clue why am i not even feeling an inch of excitement!

    its my first "formal" performance and i have a feeling that i am going to screw it!

    anyways i hope not!

    i chose two pieces , 'love me tender' and my favourite korean piece 'bo go ship da' . obviously i must improvised both!!

    bo pian ba! its a must go and i couldn't miss it! the performances will be videotaped. if all goes smoothly, it'll be up on youtube in a day or two!

    new term of school is approaching in the next 3 weeks! o gosh! time flies!!
    i wonder what modules will i be taking! hopefully they 're interesting!!!

    obviously, i am going to work hard on them though! :D bahhaa but i hope i don't slack too much for term 2 yes! :P

    okay gotta go now!!

    so keep tagging!



    8:22 PM Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    woooh! i love today!
    i went out with xueling and cynthia!
    we went out for lunch at seoul garden!! and umm we walked around orchard for a bit till around 6!!
    now my legs are sore! hahaha!!
    awesome! and we took neoprints too!
    what a tired and fun day!!!
    thanks girls!!!!


    1:06 PM Tuesday, September 16, 2008


    i kind of stared at my grades at disbelief!

    out of 7 modules, i scored one distinction and 3 aces!

    hahah! woooo! gotta maintain the gpa at 3.6!!!

    god bless


    rock on guys! press on for the next semester!!!

    8:57 PM Sunday, September 14, 2008

    our new kitchen is finally done!
    what a nice change!
    haha, i can't believe i ate microwaved-food for the whole week!
    i can't stand it but i guess its all over now! yay!!!! haah!

    i went yiyuan's party last night, only after dinner with my family! we had japanese food! anyways ...after that i went to his party.
    he was singing with accompliments of an organ and a decent stereo system.
    and people from neighbourhood dropped by too , to hear his sing and of course his friends & family! haha!

    moreover, i saw some of my classmates at the party as well as some of the campus superstar people! XD

    ahh it was great even though i spent only a hour there! haha! it is nice to see some of my friends there! :)

    okaye i have been watching my favourite korean dramas on vcd! yayness! :D its pretty addicting and i've to say the korean language is BEAUTIFUL! haha, i love the accent of it!

    thats all and yay, a nice gathering with my girls on wednesday! and oh oh , my exam results coming out on tuesday! i hope its good!

    enjoyyyyyy and everyone, have a great time!


    1:59 PM Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    hahaa wadupppp!?
    yesterday was the renovation of our new kitchen! today , they did the installation and stuff!
    so these few days, no cooking at home! haaaaaaah! =D
    okaye anyways, i am so bored and sleepy!
    and the new david music video has leaked! aw! it looks so great!
    i cant wait for the debut album........

    now see ya!!!!!!

    9:51 PM Monday, September 01, 2008

    my first ever maid who took care of me since i was a baby still kept in touch with me !!! haha, every year, she will always call me on my birthday!!!!

    oh well :) hope to see her soon though!!! :D

    take care lisa!!!! xox all the best wishes to you!!

    2:36 PM

    here are some pictures we took last night! I had great fun!!! :D hope you enjoyed yourselves!
    oh you can so totally see the expressions in these pictures!!!

    enjoy xoxx byeeee!