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    9:42 PM Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Pokes blog - i know i left it dead for days......
    well this week school is pretty okay! i can feel the pressure for it already, projects and just work work and work! :)
    programming is driving me nuts but I am working on it !! durrrrrrr xD
    i want at least 3-4 aces this semester as well, so wish me luck!
    japanese is going on GREAT!! i am enjoying every moment of it. I am too lazy, i should start practicing on writing the words!!
    we have spelling for japanese! cool huh XD

    i want to say HAPPY BDAE KHIM tommorrow! :) i got her a little something. Hope she likes it! :) shes my best buddy here in NYP!!! and shes super duper smart! haha, she is in the top10 % cohort okkay!? thats so awesome:P

    next...i am really EXCITED FOR DAVID ARCHULETA'S ALBUM! its releasing here on 17 nov 08 in Singapore! Its a monday. :( The Singapore fans are actually having a release party here in singapore. and i felt so bumped that i will not be able to go! :( oh well... but i'll definitely get the CD, you guys should too!

    his songs are AMMMAAAAZINGGGGG!

    ahhaa! =) ok thats about it, i should go get some sleep! yea , i always get early sleeps! :P don't ask me why, its a habit, and its a good HABIT! :P

    okayy hope everything is going great!!

    write again soon.....


    7:46 PM Monday, October 13, 2008

    first day of school, second semester! :D

    yayyyyyyyy! :3
    today is really fun! :P i get to meet everyone again like wheeeeee :D I am really happie now! :P hahahhah! and japanese was so fun! :P hope to learn more next week!
    we had a lecture and practicals today! so they're all quite interesting too! can't wait to learn more!!! :P

    peace xox

    11:17 PM Saturday, October 11, 2008

    thought i would post a quick hello before turning in to bed! :)

    school is starting ON MONDAY!
    i am so stoked.
    i know what are the modules i am taking and i know the pressure'll COME eventually. i think i've two over projects to do this semester! programming is one of them! xd ahh! haha, tough but i guess its very interesting. done some readup and we are suppose to create and design a programme for a company! interesting huh? :D will certainly post more updates when time goes by and when i learn new stuff! =3 i'll share more definitely ^^ with everyone! :D

    this holiday is great, relaxing and calm. didnt do pretty much but i am awaiting school! i am really excited to learn new stuff! =3 seriously true ^^ hahaa!

    so good luck to me and the rest! cant wait to see my friends tho! =3 wheeeee!

    take care till then



    5:57 PM Thursday, October 02, 2008

    okayyyyyy! =3 i was being really lazy today. i didn't want to go out! =/ but my mom forced me to go out with her. so we went to j8 to get my school bag, some new stuffies and groceries.

    instead of walking, we took a bus down to the mrt. o gosh, my mom is the blurrest queen ever!! we supposed to tap our EZlink at the Card machine right , whenever we go up the bus.

    Guess where she tapped her card at!?!?

    SHE TAPED IT AT THE COIN MACHINE!!!!!! and the bus driver looked at her, and shes like 'ehhhh, why cannot tapped de!!!'. and i was like wtf. my whole face was COVERED WITH THE WORD 'EMBARRASSMENT'. once she figured it out before i told her, she began LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY AT HER (stupidity). hahahhaa, seems shes very proud of it, when she began to talk it again and again to everyone!

    goodness me!!!

    -shuts my eyes-

    we had a small teabreak at swensens. had those burgers. THE SERVICE THERE was HORRIBLE and RUDE. i don't even want to talk about it! =/ haha.

    okayyyyy! =3 enough of her! anyways, school is starting in 2 weeks time! :( oh no! but i guessed i've enjoyed enough!

    i am VERY excited for the school term.
    my piano videos'll be up this weekend!!

    so right now , byeeeeeee!!!

    i am really excited for DAVID'S ALBUM AND HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 TOOOOO!!!

    peace outttttt xooxoxox