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    9:06 PM Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Hellooooo :D

    Today, I went to David Archie's 2nd & final Fan meeting at AMK. Went for lunch (Macs again) , haha, then off to Larissa's home!

    We finally finished the whole project! :D Wheee! Can't wait to see the final product! (: Made a couple of new friends today!

    And LARISSA SIMPLY ROCKS!!!! She has like all the different versions of David's Album, 3 Build-A-Bear with David's Print on it! And......tons of autographs & other signed stuff (Tees... etc). Its way cool! :D

    Really enjoyed the company today! It was so fun! :D Heehee!! Can't wait to get my David Tee too! :D Yayness!!!! :D This is so exciting.

    At around 5.30pm, left for dinner with mom and dad.. to Sushi Tei. Haha! X) Had dinner and went back home!! :)

    He is arriving in Singapore in less than 20 days! Wheeeee!

    Okay ! I am so freaking tired right now! I want to go to zzzz.

    I will post Xue Ling's Bdae photos tommorow!!!! (:


    10:29 PM Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Hello everyone ^^

    Okayyy! So today morning, 10am... went for World Skills briefing.
    I learnt more about the competition and chosen the "IT/Software" Option out of the 2 options given. I guess I will be more confident with my Microsoft than some security internet thing! Haha, and photoshop (in one of the segments) - I could guess its one of my strengths there! Excited & passionate about this! Wanting to learn more :) Courses start 13-17 April! I am going with my 2 friends, Khim & Sok Lei! (:

    After that, went home & rest for a little while. Then, off to City Hall to meet Xueling, Cynthia & Joan. As it was Xueling's birthday tommorrow, we decided to celebrate for her today! So.... we just walk aimlessly around City Hall, then found our way to Suntec..... We went to Arcade!! (& had so much fun there! haha!) -- Yeah, it was my second time!!! :D Hahhaa. Thanks guys! :P

    After that, we went to Marina Square for dinner. We went to this nice place called "Billy Bombers". It was my first time there too! (: Since Cynthia had to go off early, she did not join us for dinner. So, it was just me, Xueling and Joan. We had a set meal we ordered (ribs + chicken + soup + dessert) for dinner! It costs $30 ++ each! We had a bloated & enjoyable dinner. We talked a lot on stuff & shared stories etc. =D Dinner was nice, and ended around 8.45pm. Went to the washroom and camwhore! Hahaha! (loads of pictures coming soon >> they're with Joan)

    After that, Xueling went off to meet her collegues at Kbox. We bid farewell & we hope she has an enjoyable night there!!! :) Happy Birthday Xueling, we wub you alot! <333

    Good Night!!

    Happy Birthday Xueling,
    May all your dreams come true !
    Wishing you the BEST OF EVERYTHING :)

    God Bless,


    11:55 AM Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Ohmygosh! hahaa! I woke up todayy around 8plus am to check out my Semester 2 Results! You know my heart was pounding so fast at that time. X_X I wanted my mom to check the results for me! haha. :]

    Hahaha I was over the moon! :D

    WHEEEEEEEEE!!! I am really happy because out of 7 modules, actually scored 5 aces for them! hahaa!! Shocked but yea! I am so freaking happy right now! The average of my total GPA came up to 3.7!

    What a day!!! :) I am so happy!

    This is like the best I've ever done in my ENTIRE LIFE!

    And I am SO EXCITED DAVID IS COMING!!!! :D Whee! I can't wait to see him!

    Happy Holidays!!

    Love xo

    8:47 PM Monday, March 16, 2009

    YO People! Wassup!?

    Its so freakinggggg amazingly fun today! I went to the David Archuleta Fanclub Gathering today for the first time! And it was hella loads of FUN & LAUGHTER! Haha, I enjoyed myself alot! Made SO MANY NEW FRIENDS! Hahha, at least made 10 new friends today! :D They are Sal, Sheryl, Ian, Kitty, Weiyan, Farhana, Rachael, Alwin, Jing Yi and Sahira. :D :D :D

    Went to Yishun in the morning, 10plus! Then haha, we went to White Sands by bus! :P Hahhaa, Ate Mcs for lunch, and then, we head over to Sal's house to do the project we had in mind for David! Xoooo.

    Everything went well and we were so TIRED after the thing ended! :P I sat all the way from the East to the North. It was so TIRING!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL!

    Sony replied to our e-mails and confirmed that David Archuleta is coming to Singapore! Arriving on the 5th! Performing on the 7th! (AUTOGRAPH SESSION) at some Shopping Mall opposite Bugis Junction and departing on the 8th!
    I am so freaking excited right now! ahhhhhhhhhhh :D Its going to be so amazing hearing him live and have him sign my CD!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

    To end this post, let me show you a SPAZZING SCREAMING VIDEO that we took today! hahahhaha! its super funny! :P Watch!

    I have no freaking idea what I was doing! (Find me!)

    hahahhahah! Okay! So..........thats it for now!


    It should be fine and alright! I hope!


    Good Night!


    9:18 PM Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Hello, what is up guys. ^^

    Nothing really much going on with me! Well, this past week of holidays seem alright!
    Did nothing much but yeah, I had the puppy 'Clever' stayed with me for one week! I am pretty happy about that he stayed over! :P He went home yesterday which made me so sad. :'( Ahh nevermind! haha. Everyone at home missed him :( Hope to have him back soon! He has become my companion, just like Nikko! ^^ I love them both.

    Results are coming out next Tuesday! Slightly anxious but not as excited! Well, haha, I've received an email yesterday from school, saying that I've been selected for "World Skills Competition 2010". I must say I am deeply surprised as a few of my classmates were selected in February while I just knew it yesterday! I wanted to be with the same batch as them though! I don't know whos with me now! So confused. :X Don't know whether to be happy or sad. :/

    Hope I can learn something worthy from the experience I will have in the new semester! To juggle studies with this 'thing'.

    Anyways, I have been watching the show "Jia Hao Yue Yuan" that I've borrowed from Xueling. It really made time flies like no-one business. And that I could sit by the TV for hours ... and hours... and hours. Its really addicting! Haha, I love the drama! Its really good and NERVE-WRECKING!!!! (: Thank you Xueling!! haha. :]

    Another thing is that piano is coming along pretty fine! I finally could see some improvement in myself, compared to last week's lesson. I actually did cried during lessons! Oh, how embarrassing. :( But yeah, I was stressed up! hahaa. :P I am all good now! Practice makes perfect and I will never screw up again! Never!!

    Hope to clear Grade 8 seriously! I need to clear it this year! Exams're in September!
    Really........really wish to clear this! Its like a burden to me now! :/

    After that, if I make it, I will promise myself a Grand-Piano! Well not me, my dad! muahahhaha =D So I better do well!

    Okay, thats all for the ramblings!!

    Take care & God Bless,


    9:35 PM Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    Hello all!
    Wassup?? :D

    Today , The 7 princesses had our very first outing over this long holiday break! :P
    We went to Cineleisure to catch a movie named 'Let the Right One In".
    Okay its a horror movie. And its my FIRST HORROR MOVIE I ever watched in my WHOLE LIFE! LOL! Hahaa. Everyone has their first time okay :P So don't laugh! :]

    The movie was okay, had a bit of horror parts. :P Haha, some scenes are really gross ! hahaaa. :P But its not too bad! :)
    Hope to catch Marley & Me next though :D Highly rated by my brother, Mike.

    Anyways, after the movie, Khim & Sara has to leave early. :( So , its just the 5 of us left.
    We walked around town then, found our way to Heeren. We had an early dinner at Fish & Co! :)
    I had a nice bloated Fish & Chips meal :D Haha, everyone was bloated and had a great dinner there ^.^ .

    It was 7pm when we ended our dinner and headed back to Cineleisure for NEOPRINT-TAKING SESSION! Haha, it was really fun :) The outcome was great, just a pity that the sticker we had is pretty small. XD But oh well! :P it was still nice.

    After that, we [Sok Lei, Joan & Me] headed home by train while Xueling took the bus and Cynthia has to go off to work! :(

    It was a long and tiring day! But it was so WORTH IT! Can't wait for the next outing which is 'KARAOKE SESSION' at Kbox next Thursday. Whooooh. So excited!

    Photos are here!!! <333 Enjoy! Here are some of the best shots we took! :D