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    6:41 PM Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Hiiii peoplee!!!

    Omggg ! Hahhaa, Today Graduation's so fun! (even if I am not the one graduating, I still had fun! :D :D)

    hahahahhahah! :P

    Okayyy, mingle around with the teachers, lecturers, NEW friends make this experience so worthwhile enjoyable!

    All the photos are with Hui Khim!!!! Soo yeaaaa hahaha, wait for her to post at her blog, then I will go "koped" from there! :D

    Congratulations of Class 2009!!!!

    Way to go xoooo

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable day as well!
    MY legs are sore now! HURTS!!! hahahaa, but its all worth it! :)

    {edited : added NEW photos from Graduation Ceremony -- Thanks KHIM! & Thats our favourite teacher, Miss Lo! ; Click for bigger view! xo}






    9:42 PM Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Let me rant about school today!
    I thinkkkkkkkk I did "not really well" for my Finance ICA. :( :(
    Oh goshhhhh! hope to do better next time!

    Tommorrow's the SIT Graduation Day!
    I am participating in it as a Usherer, "NYP Ambassador".
    Hahaha, hope to do a good job! & I can't wait to see how the ceremony goes!

    Congratulations ^^

    I am out for now!

    What a loonnnnnnnnnng day! Tuesday are normally the longest!

    I am still loving Kris's 'No Boundaries'. :D HAHA. Yes , I admit I am a fan now! How big....? We shall see... soon. XD


    9:56 PM Friday, May 22, 2009

    School is just a bore these days! Tests...assignments....homework.......project deadlines are piling up like crazy! I really need to get things done or I will be soo lost in the deeeeeep blueeee seaa...... LOL hahaha. okay X-[ isnt that bad now! :/

    Let me tell you, this week isnt a really good one for me! i dont know why , just mixed feelings about things and people around me =/.

    First of all,
    Well, proposal's done and handed up! finally! woohoo? yay? =) I am sure we did well. Thank you to Khim for doing the alignments. They are REALLY NEAT. & the 3 boys in the team for handing the tasks on time, even though its pretty much the 11th hour. At first, I felt a little upset with them. But its all good now since they do things right. (: Even though we took quite a bit of time to do it, the outcome was still good, I believe. Now, got to buck up on UI, database, layouts and all that. Oh goodness me, can someone find time for me pleaseeeeee. X__X

    Hope the team can proceed with this task soon and hope we can excel again ^^

    In the following weeks, we will have a couple of tests and project presentations. Hope I can be all ready for them! :) Hope to do well too! Gotta work hard & put in some effort.

    Good luck to all! && I will never give up!
    So sorry, this week no photos, we never take :P hahahhaha =D
    Sok Lei, you shall know what to do! ^^ right???? :P :P :P

    OHHHHHH and CONGRATULATIONS KRIS ALLEN FOR WINNING AI8! Definitely a surprise and a dark-house through the whole journey! But he totally deserve it! Probably will get the album :P :P

    Playing on the playlist - the Winner's Single "No Boundaries" by YOUR AMERICAN IDOL 2009, KRIS ALLEN!

    Enjoy!! :)

    Peace out xooooo


    6:16 PM Thursday, May 21, 2009

    I am going to blog about what happened this week!

    I lost my thumbdrive with all my stuff inside! :( :( :( How careless I am!

    Some sad things happened this week! =/

    But I am okay now! getting over it :)

    Will blog tommorrow!
    Need to complete project now xo!


    10:52 PM Friday, May 15, 2009

    Hello Hello!

    Tight deadlines are approaching, especially for projects.
    Next week, I will be packed with quizzes, ICAs, assignments and project deadlines! :(
    This weekend is going to be a no-rest weekend, I can just feel it. =/

    If you think Polytechnics are such a slacker, oh gosh, I am here to prove it wrong. Its stressful and tiring! But I am pressing on. =3

    This week has its ups & downs. I am going to share some photos I had sometime with you! From school to my dogs.... :P

    So here we go!

    With Xueling !!!

    With CynCyn !!!

    My dogs...sleeping.....in an awkward yet super adorable way! Nikko & Clever!!! :D
    If you notice carefully, Nikko is sleeping on Clever. :P

    Hope you enjoy xo
    I hope to share more with you soon!!! :)


    7:46 PM Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Hello earthlings!
    Yesterday wasnt a good day for me.

    Fell.....down because of the wet rainy floor.
    Cried.....in the lecture room.
    Emotions.....running through my head.
    Stressed.....because of deadlines.
    Feverish.....after over-flowing tears.

    But I am all alright now! Don't worry!
    Pressing on ! Presentation went well today. All right! :) Will do better the next round. WILL WORK EVEN HARDER FOR ROYAL & THE ACES!

    (By Soklei -- "Snow white cum P Club President! that's her!! rmb her face.")
    I am thinking that she likes to take photos of everything! HAHA! including crying-faces! LOL!

    Proud to be apart of the P Club - Princess Club! :D


    10:33 PM Sunday, May 10, 2009


    I finally gave my mom the card. LOL.
    Her face is plastered with all smiles when I gave it to her! hahahahha :P (then, I went all shy......... LOLOL, keep jumping like crazy around the room!)

    She said the card is beautiful, awwwwh! :P even though I didnt make it! But I think she sensed the sincerity in the card, from me.

    Happy Mother's Day! && I will never let you down!!!

    I love you mommy!!


    10:02 PM Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Not Grace singing in the commercial, but Shawn. like whoah. hahhahhah! :P can't believe he actually sing in it! :P watch!!!
    Yes the orange boy is my cousin!!! LOL!!!!!!!! :P For "Don't Forget the Lyrics" Chinese commercial!! :P :P


    School is alright!!!! :P pressure is coming in, i can feel it! sick! :/
    however I always have fun in school! (You GUYS KNOW WHY!!!!!! LOL!) P club! :P so cool man! :D P stands for Princess!
    The Princess Club! --- I am snow white, btw! :D
    Oh also, meeting the directors tommorrow! Okay........ :P Hope everything went well! It would be an honour to meet them for the first time! :)

    Gd Night!

    -Rae xoooo

    11:17 PM Saturday, May 02, 2009

    I am on twitter!

    Twitter me everyone!! :D
    I will reply to you as soon as I can! oh gosh, this is pretty addicting :P

    I feel so bad , I never get anything done yesterday and today! Blehh assignments & tutorials! :( :( :(!
    And I feel sleepy now that I don't want to do anything :(
    I need to be disciplined!

    Tonight, dinner with Aunt's Grace & family is really nice! I get to know them better!! :D They re such a knowledgable family, with incredibly smart kids! Sometimes, I feel inferior to them! I know I am not on par with them. However, I am going to work as hard as them, so I can be like one of them in the future!

    Well, take care people!!!
    enjoy life to its fullest!!!