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    11:54 AM Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Something that I think you should know :

    Tuesday {The REHEARSALS}

    - Went for voice out rehearsals for finals, in the morning, 10am. Went for 3-4 trial runs, ended at around 7pm.
    - When I meant trial run, means the whole thing, from start to end. Four times. LOL! So, Dulcie and me were the first to perform. So after we finish, we were to wait for a hour & a half or so, for the prize ceremony rehearsal. Then, curtains down.
    - Since this is my first time doing this, so I get to see what they do backstage. Hard work. Loads of effort put in by the team.
    - The whole theatre isnt really a big one like the Auditorium, but it can seat at least 300 people (I think).
    - I sang 'True Colors' by Cyndi Lauper.
    - For the prize ceremony, out of 3 singing trials, I won 'Runner-Up' for the first trial and 'Champion' for the 3rd trial. While I keep humming to myself, "DULCIE! DULCIE! DULCIE!". Its not real anyways! Dulcie really deserve it as much as I do! :)
    - Collect 10 tickets from the Organisers and went home at 6++pm - 7pm(?)
    - I feel so bumped that parents are not allowed to come watch us perform.

    Reason they gave me? {Quoted straight from the person (Organiser)}
    - "Because the school doesn't allow parents to come for this kind of events as when the light shine down, they will know who is young and who is old."

    First thing that comes to mind?
    What? X___X I don't get it and never will. Maybe someone can proposed the idea to NYP saying people aging from a baby to an age of Ah ma and Ah gong are allowed to come and be proud of their own.

    Now I am superrrrrrrrr confused. Thats the end of Thursday! =/

    Wednesday {Performance Day (?)}
    - Woke up feeling horribly nauseous. Maybe its the finals and I am a nervous wreck.
    - Went toilet FOUR TIMES.
    - Numb legs.
    - Cannot eat a single thing . Smell of bread/food/porridge/veg = I want to puke.
    - Got ready for singing competition.
    - 11plus sms - Sorry, Voiceout is postponed due to some reasons. {full stop}

    Want to thank the whole class for showing GREAT support. :D :D :D I really appreciate it.

    Shocked, saddened...whoa?! but its totally understandable.

    THE END.

    12:05 AM Thursday, June 18, 2009

    My very YANDAO cousin! HAHAHA!
    Went to his birthday party at Changi Safra Resort!
    Its so fun catching up with my cousins and BBQ-ing food!
    Thanks for all the fun & laughter!
    And dont call me 'sua ku'. Yes, I played bowling for the VERY FIRST TIME!
    SOOOO FUN! okayy, but tiring. The bowling balls are heavy! And some of my cousins are like great bowlers. :P

    And.......the results for "Voice-Out" is released today!


    Yay, its me, yours truly!

    I didnt really know what to expect. but I was going.. "OHHHKAYYYY...now what!??!" I am not prepared to sing infront of an audience totally ! goshhhh! I think I am going to just do my best. It will be my first debut singing thing. HAHAH!
    Nevermind, first time. ALL THE WAY!

    & congrats to DULCIE who made it too! :D Woohoo!

    Okay off to bed!!!! I've project meeting tommorrow!!!

    Goodnight xo

    11:41 PM Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    okkayy, so I've been down to school for auditions today!
    Yes, singing! LOL! haaaaaaaah! okay it definitely went okay! I wasnt out of pitch, I was certain of it!
    I took a few big breaths before I started.
    And the song I sang was 'Tears in Heaven' then, the judges' faces went 'whoa' . okay! after i finished, she told me to sing another song which is more mellow! haaaah. okay then I sang 'Close to You'. Then.....the male judge went 'did you take any singing lessons before?' I went 'uhh, nope!' HAA, then both of them smiled at me && thank me! Oooh okay. It was done! Pretty much less than a minute! LOL! Fast and quick! =3

    I had fun though! I dont mind if I dont make it in the finals because its the process that counts right?

    && Dulcie also went for audition too! Hope it all went well for her! :) And Alex didnt go because he has a sore throat! -coughs-. LOL!

    After the singing thing, Xueling was there to support me! (Yay!) And some others who gave mental support, thanks guys! ^^

    I tried to solve Xl's sql for quite sometime, and we couldnt solve it! (We sat at Mac's and chatted till it was 4plus!). Then we decided to go helpdesk and that helpdesk technician solved the problem in like 15mins. HAHA, hes really good! oh gosh =3

    After that, we went home!
    and now I am tired like shyt! :3

    Tommorrow's Shawn's Birthday! (MY CUZ BDAE). They have a chalet, and I still dont know if I want to go anot. So many projects and work to do! :( Stress! Hopefully I can make sometime for it!

    Okay peace guys xoo


    9:18 PM Thursday, June 11, 2009

    ahhhhhhhhh! its going to be the holidays! (in the next 24 hours or so!) Wheeeeeee! :D :D :D
    I am getting my 2 weeks break finally after 8 weeks of school? I guess I really need a break from school! hahahah :/ to catch up on entertainment. :P

    Today was the b-com ica. oh man, i don't know if i can do well for this. I think that I wrote something that I am not supposed to write in one of the essays! Hopefully I wouldnt get penalised badly for that! :( :( *major thumbs down*

    Anyways, I am planning my schedule to fit in some fun stuff during the break. Oh gosh, can you believe I just signed up for my school's singing competition? I think I must be crazy! ROFL! HAAAAAAAAH! This is interesting.. can't wait to see how it goes? hahahhaha! Okie dokie. O___________O|||

    I just need a good sleep today after all the ICAs from this term are over! Gearing up for next term, when I will meet SO MANY DEADLINES and to get back all my results which is pretty much a horrendous thing to do! Because I know I didnt fare well! :( ah, nevermind XD We shall see and I shouldn't worry too much on my results!

    Peaceeee xo
    take care buddies


    11:56 AM Tuesday, June 09, 2009




    Yes, both videos are uploaded by me!
    Enjoy xoooo


    10:35 PM Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    Hello World,

    How are you?

    Well, I am not too good lately! Everything's like a mess, so many things to do, so little time! I bet it happens to everyone, not me alone, so I can't complain!

    Today was our E-Commerce presentation again, for our UI. Really did our best to finish, but I am thinking it isn't the best we've done! At least the effort was there & definitely we can do better the next time round.

    The past weeks had been projects, tests, projects, tests! I have 3 more tests next week. This is no fun.
    Not doing too well for my "mini" tests etiher. :( Yeah, you get what I meant. :[
    I am still struggling and hopefully I can pick up soon.

    I really need the 2 weeks break, however, I already knew that that 2 weeks aint breaks. Its just more time to catch up with all the serious deal.

    By the way, we are given an option to choose whether we would like to go for the "IT" Route or "Business" Route in the Second Semester. I've chosen IT, I know I dislike codings, but I still have an interest for it. My dream of opening an IT company will have a glitter of hope! But it all depends again, if I do well. ^^
    This journey is not easy, but I am going to perservere! And , I am going to miss ALL my FRIENDS if we are not in the same classes again! :( X 100000000000000

    Well, take care all, I am going to knock off soon!

    Write again,